Q - Why does the pipe size utility make the pipes so big? my (book) tables are always one size smaller.

A - Sizing is based on 7f/s velocity for optimal efficiency. In the past (when energy was cheaper) a figure of 10f/s was commonplace.

Q - What is LPG (RAK) in the Pump Sizing App

A - Liquid Petroleum Gas produced and sold by RAKGAS in the emirate of Ras al-Khaimah , UAE. Different producer will use different ratios of Butane and Propane. RAKGAS’s blend is used in the software as a reference.

Q - Why are imperial units shown as US?

A - Typically this system is used in North America and flow units are specifically in US Gallons rather than imperial gallons.

Q - What is the Head Flow Curve in the app based on?

A - Curves are based on a typical medium sized single stage centrifugal pump designed to API610. Actual head flow curves will vary, somewhat, depending on manufacturer.

Q - What does low flow on the pump curve mean?

A - Low flow refers to the suggested minimum flow for long term operations (i.e not start up) and are primary driven by energy efficiency. The values given in the app are likely to be relatively conservative compared to actual manufacturers data.