Q - Why does the pipe size utility make the pipes so big? my (book) tables are always one size smaller.

A - Sizing is based on 7f/s velocity for optimal efficiency. In the past (when energy was cheaper) a figure of 10f/s was commonplace.

Q - What is LPG (SNOC) in the Pump Sizing App

A - Liquid Petroleum Gas produced and sold by the Sharjah National Oil Corporation (SNOC) in the emirate of Sharjah , UAE. Different producers will use different ratios of Butane and Propane. SNOC’s blend is used in the software as a reference. The SNOC blend is 30% Propane and 70% Butane, this is the most popular blend ratio used worldwide.

Q - Why are imperial units shown as US?

A - Typically this system is used in North America and flow units are specifically in US Gallons rather than imperial gallons.

Q - What is the Head Flow Curve in the app based on?

A - Curves are based on a typical medium sized single stage centrifugal pump designed to API610. Actual head flow curves will vary, somewhat, depending on manufacturer.