Q - What is Sajaa Rich (Gas Compressor Sizing App)

A - Sajaa Gas is a Rich Gas produced in the Sharjah, UAE by the Sharjah National Oil Corporation (SNOC). In the app it is used as a reference for heavy/rich field gasses in much the same way as Brent or WTI is used for crude oil.

Q - What is the reference temperatures used for standard and normalised pressures

A - Reference temperatures for standard pressures are in line with global standards (different for Air and Natural Gas) and are as follows:

Standard (Natural Gas) - 15C (288.15K), 59F (518.67R)
Normalised - 0C (273.15K), 32F (491.67R)
Standard (Air) - 20C (293.15K), 68F (527.67R)